To Turtleneck Or To Not Turtleneck

The 90’s was probably the last time I can remember wearing a turtleneck, and that was when I was eight or nine-years-old. Every time my mother dressed me in one of those things I wanted to scream (sorry, mom!). I absolutely hated turtlenecks. They looked lame, clung too close to my neck, and to put it simply, nothing about them seemed stylish or attractive to me. Now if you’re wondering what’s changed – well then – that makes two of us, huh?

With age, I’ve formed a better appreciation and understanding of my likes and dislikes as well as the differences between fashion and style; essentially, discovering what works best for my body type and personality has been a huge beneficial factor, too. Since watching, Carly Cristman’s video “10 Winter Outfits with Turtlenecks” and Chriselle Lim’s “Wardrobe Staples | The Turtlenecks,” I’ve felt comfortable enough to purchase turtlenecks knowing how to style them in a way that makes me feel like I’m “in with the trends” while still being me. Learning how to explore trends that can also become staple pieces in my closet have become serious lifesavers and wins for my wardrobe and my wallet over the years.

On a side note: living in a warmer state has been an interesting experience during the winter time because I can put style before comfort and practicality for a change. Don’t get me wrong, those ideals are still important, but they don’t carry as much weight as they would back home. As much as I love big knitted scarves, I’m kind of over how heavy they can be and how they make my neck hurt after a while. So, it was nice realizing how turtlenecks could still be that article of clothing in my closet that’s trending yet also carries a style suitable for my taste all the while still keeping my neck nice and warm from the cold.

Turtlenecks (1)

These two goodies are from a Goodwill store near me for a total of $7! Of course, the price came with a great amount of digging, but it was oh-so-worth it. The neutral colors go with my color scheme, and the different styles and textures create another appeal and edge that my closet didn’t have before.

Turtlenecks (2)
Bet you can tell which one’s my favorite! 😉


What do you think of the latest turtleneck trend? Is it here to stay or should it have been left in the 90’s where it belongs? Feel free to comment down below, and let me know if you’ve purchased any turtlenecks yourself and where. I’m on the hunt for more! Hope you lovelies have a wonderful and safe night.



NC State Fair: OOTW(eekend)

The past few weeks there’s been a lot of hype regarding the North Carolina State Fair. I heard about it pretty much anywhere I went: home, work, the mall. I was curious as to what it was like, so naturally I had to check it out on a day my boyfriend and I both had off from work. For the occasion, I was inspired by my boyfriend’s plaid shirt – lame, huh? Well to be honest, he got me thinking: we are in the south, so why not? It was the perfect opportunity to break out plaid for fall.

NC State Fair & Crabtree Mall Day (1)I created my outfit based on my favorite oversized plaid shirt. It’s so, so comfortable, and I got it at the Salvation Army near my hometown in New Jersey. I think it was $5, which was a total steal! I wore a lighter washed jean, which I thought paired really nice with the faded blue in my plaid shirt; not to mention, the color was a great wash for more casual occasions such as this one. The jeans, by the way, were another great steal at H&M for $19.99. My plain white round neck t-shirt was from Walmart. It’s a Hanes t-shirt from the boys section.

I know that sounds super creepy, but hey, they’re perfect for my sizeNC State Fair & Crabtree Mall Day (2) and frame, as they act as a great crop top. Not to mention, you get 5 or 8 shirts in a pack for like $15. To me, that’s a bargain! White t-shirts are such a staple in my closet, but they’re so overpriced! Since I know that white t-shirts are a staple in my closet, I know that I go through them more frequently than maybe most women, and personally, I like when my t-shirts are crisp, clean, a vibrant white. I can’t stand when white shirts get old, so it’s great not having to worry about feeling guilty when I decide to chuck a shirt because it wasn’t a waste a money and I still have more in my closet.

Now getting back to the outfit… ha-ha…I decided to roll up the bottoms of my jeans to continue that easy-going laid back vibe but because I had incorporated more masculine pieces into my outfit I thought my Franco Sarto heeled ankle boots would add a nice touch of chic and femininity along with my delicate every day silver jewelry, and black roped/braided silver chain belt. My favorite added accessory was my neutral hat from H&M, which I thought was perfect for the brisk morning, and I figured it was a cute way of keeping my hair out of my face while I was outside. If you’re wondering about my makeup, it was just my simple, every day makeup routine, except I sported the new matte MAC lipstick in Fashion Revival with their lip liner in Burgundy. (I plan on doing a more in depth review about this in a later post!)

WaterfallIf you’re wondering how the North Carolina State Fair was, it was pretty cool! The only thing that wasn’t cool was the traffic going and coming home! Other than that, there were definitely tons and tons of places to eat as well as rides and entertainment, but what I enjoyed best was walking around with my boyfriend. I found this really gorgeous water fountain, which I would have loved to hang out by all day. It was so calm, refreshing, and peaceful. Not to mention, it made a great place for taking pictures or as my boyfriend says “white girl moments” ha-ha.

Will & I Waterfall

Hope you enjoyed this post & in the meantime, I hope you lovelies are having a wonderful week! If you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below. I always enjoy talking with you!


Finding YOUR Handbag

For all the fashionistas and beauty lovers out there, we know how important a statement bag can be. Not only does it complete an outfit, but it makes a statement about you as well, and not to mention, it carries some of our most treasured items, such as our favorite lipstick – ha-ha. In honor of National Handbag Day, which was a few days ago, I decided it might be cool to give some tips on how I found my perfect handbag so that maybe it’ll help you in case you’re in search of one. By the way, the handbags featured are ones that I’m currently admiring.


Collins Stud Medium Leather Messenger $248.00
Michael Kors Collins Stud Medium Leather Messenger ($248)

As silly and basic as it sounds, researching is incredibly important because like anything else the more knowledge you have the better informed you will be so that you can make sound, intelligent, and fulfilling decisions. For instance: do you want a bag with a shoulder strap, lots of hardware and details, clean and minimalistic; edgy, sweet, preppy, or boho; hard leather, soft leather, pebble leather? Do you care if it’s a purse you’ll have to clean and take care of? Do you want something that’s durable or ages beautifully over time? Do you need lots of pockets and places to store things? Do you need structure or something more relaxed? These may seem like a lot of questions, but they’re all relevant to the kind of bag you’re looking for and ultimately, your purchase.

Social Media Window Shopping:

Alexa Studded Leather Calfskin Bag - Baginc $179.00
Alexa Studded Leather Calfskin Bag ($179)

To me, nothing is more fun than social media window shopping. After all, you get to stay within the comfort of your own home, and you probably get to see a lot more than you would in person. It’s especially great if you’re just starting to look for a designer handbag and don’t really have an idea as to what kind of purse you’re looking for. Plus if you happen to find the one you love, you can research the place that has the cheapest prices.

Time to Explore:

Soft Calf Mischief $1,650.00
Marc Jacobs Soft Calf Mischief ($1,650.00)

Once you’ve formed an idea of what you like, see what stores sell you’re handbag. It’s a great way to truly envision owning the bag. Maybe you’ll realize that you don’t like it in person, or it looked better on the computer, magazine, or with a different styled outfit. Feel the leather and play around with the zippers! It’s crucial to play around with a bag because it helps you see if it’s something that’s fashionable but not practical. All in all, you learn something new and it brings you a step closer to finding what size bag fits your frame, what type of color suits your personality and style, and what kind of bag is practical for your everyday use.

Think (Give it a month, or two, or three…):

Grain Calf Leather Small Padlock - Alexander McQueen $1545.00
Alexander McQueen Grain Calf Leather Small Padlock ($1545.00)

This is probably the most challenging part of it all. When you find something you love, it’s difficult to not purchase it then and there for fear of it being gone forever, however, it’s crucial that you don’t let fear win because you might experience buyer’s remorse. If I’m unsure of a purchase, that’s a sign to myself that 1. I’m not ready or 2. It’s not 100% what I’m looking for; therefore, I give myself a month. If I’m really unsure, sometimes it’s longer. This usually helps me know if it’s something that I’m crazy in love with or I’m in love with the idea.

So lovelies, let me know what you think in the comments section down below! Was this helpful? Have any more tips? Also, stay tuned to see what handbag I chose and why. Not to mention, a soon to be blog of “What’s In My Purse. Is that lame to do? Truthfully, I miss those YouTube beauty guru days when it was really popular! This probably makes me sound like a total creep, but oh well! ha-ha! Hope you all have enjoyed this post, and in the meantime, may you have a wonderful night!


Photos Courtesy of Michael Kors, Baginc, Marc Jacobs, & Alexander McQueen

Her Love of Marie Claire

Hello loves, sorry for not posting in a few days! As lame as it sounds, my life has been crazy busy this week, but I can’t complain. It’s been a good kind of crazy. While out and about, I found the October issue for Marie Claire, which is one of my all-time favorite magazines. I’m extremely excited to look through the October issue on my day off because I enjoy guessing what topics will be discussed and discovering the new trends. As a beauty enthusiast, it’s another form of education for me besides referring to my favorite YouTube beauty gurus and bloggers.

Getting back to my post, I’ve thought about an interesting series that I’d like to create here on my blog, which I’m going to call “Her Love of [insert magazine].” Every now and then, I’d like to make a post sharing different magazines I love or ones that I’m currently loving and why. I think it’s important as human beings to know what we like and understand why. I suppose that’s the writer in me speaking, but to be honest, it’s still important for me to share with you my reasons for being so passionate about writing despite my blog’s focus on beauty. When I find writing that’s passionate, it makes me passionate, and so that’s what motivates me to make my blogs the best that they can be. Writing only comes alive when there’s life in the person who’s writing it, and that’s why – aside from the beauty aspect – I love Marie Claire. So without further delay, here are some hopefully persuading thoughts to check out the magazine.

Marie Claire October Issue 1954
Fun Fact: Marie Claire October Issue from 1954!

History: Marie Claire, for those of you who don’t know, was founded in 1937 by a French industrialist Jean Prouvost, and his goal was to provide a magazine that presented real life through fashion and beauty.

Writing Style: All of the articles resented in Marie Claire carry a great sense of wit, vigor and humor. Whether it’s an article that’s related to beauty, fashion, or matters in real life, the magazine never ceases to amaze me with its thought provoking content.

Intelligence: Marie Claire’s motto is “More Than a Pretty Face.” Marie Claire, therefore, is known for breeding confident and independent women who aren’t afraid to show the world that they have it all together and know it, too. Marie Claire wishes to show their readers how confidence and intelligence can be something to be proud of, such as our favorite lipstick or statement piece, rather than something we should hide. There’s something edgy about their unapologetic nature toward being a real woman who embraces her beauty, brains, and the power she knows that she possesses within herself, which I absolutely adore.

Marie Claire Cover with Fall Loves

Beauty & Fashion: This may be more of a personal preference, but Marie Claire advertises a lot of what I look for within my own style: those classic, timeless recurring pieces which also incorporate an indefinable edge that can be suitable and made personal for anyone’s style needs. In regards to beauty, I can’t quite place what it is for me except that, unlike most magazines, I find myself taking notes of information I’ve learned that’s intrigued me and I want to learn more about or I’m taking notes to add certain products and/or collections to my beauty wish list.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave any comments and/or questions down below. I’d love to chat with you all! Also, I’d love to give a special shout-out to my followers: you lovelies are absolutely awesome! Soon to be a month, I never imagined to have 20 followers as I was only expecting and would have been grateful and happy to have had at least one! I’m so thankful for the kindness and support that continues to come my way – it’s something I always have in mind when I write, and I’m especially thankful for the friendships that have started to form in this beautiful community. It reminds me every day that I made the right decision in starting this blog.


Marie Claire October Issue 1954 Photo Courtesy of Groupe Marie Claire

Favorite Fall Trends

Though this will be the first fall that I’m in a southern state with potentially warmer weather, I’m still incredibly psyched for fall and its trends. I feel like I can express myself the most during this season in regards to my style and makeup. I don’t know about you, but dressing for fall is so much more fun. You can add layers and dimension to your outfit; you can be more playful and creative with your makeup. Basically, you can create whatever mood you feel like. For some reason, this season has me falling in love with so many trends – more than usual but who’s complaining? Below I’ve posted some of my favorite trends, which I’m excited to share with all of you.

Lace-Up Flats:

Zara Lace-Up Flats
Zara Tie-Up Ballerina Flats $69.90

For a while I wasn’t into this trend, but I had a change of heart while reading Glitter Guide. There was a post about lace-up flats, and I’m not lying — this blog basically converted me. The flats on this blog were absolutely gorgeous, and I was totally drooling over them, but aside from the flats, what caught my attention was a statement that the author, Carly, made about the shoes: they were an edgy alternative to the classic flat. – Mind blown! – I know realistically it’s a pretty obvious statement, but I never thought of it that way. Now that I have, it has me really psyched because I’ve wanted a shoe for the longest time that would be the perfect transitional shoe from summer to fall. I’ve never gone with flats because I’ve never found a pair that I’ve loved, but it’s nice to feel like now I can have a pair that are practical and my style: classic and feminine but with a slight edge.  What could be better? These lace-up flats can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. Here are some places that have my favorite lace-up flats: Topshop, Steve Madden, ASOS, Jeffery Campbell, and Zara.

Dark Lipstick:

Kat Von D Lipstick in Prayer
Kat Von D Lipstick in Prayer $21.00

About a year ago, I worked up the courage to try dark lipstick and I’m so thankful I did! It has been one of my go to looks for fall and winter. I prefer plum and berry tones for fall and wine and dark cherry for winter. I suppose it’s the richness in color that I find to be striking. Dark lipstick is definitely fun to play with and a nice change to your everyday makeup routine. Plus, it adds attitude that’s all your own depending how you work it. I love the indescribable confidence that dark lipstick gives, and I don’t know about you but it totally makes me feel like the badass I’m definitely not. Hahaha! The dark lipstick I’ve been using lately is Blackcherry by Milani. I like it because the lipstick isn’t too drying but fairly moisturizing, and it lasts decently, even after eating and drinking. Other lipstick brands I’m excited to try, especially with darker lipsticks include: Kat Von D, MAC, and NARS.


Zara Leather Skirt $99
Zara Leather Skirt $99.00

Leather has pretty much been my staple piece since my senior year of high school. I love, love, love leather. No matter how many leather jackets I own, somehow I want more, but to be honest, I think I’ve found the perfect leather jacket for me. I’m not sure that it’s in stock anymore, but I had gotten a leather jacket from Kohl’s in the Rock & Republic section about two years ago. I love it because it’s a clean, basic leather jacket with minimal hardware, and it has an asymmetric bottom – meaning the front is longer than the back. For me, it’s great because I have a shorter torso, and being 5’3 I have to be careful with what I decide to wear otherwise it swallows me up; however, the asymmetrical look adds a cool dimension to the jacket and any outfit. This season I’m excited to break out my leather jacket again, although, I’m looking forward to also finding different ways of incorporating leather, such as with hair accessories, shirts, skirts and pants; for instance, I currently love this leather skirt from Zara’s.

Well, guys that’s it! If you’d like to know more trends I love — let me know. Also, I’d love to know what you’re crushing on and dying to try! I look forward to talking with you. 🙂 In the meantime, have a wonderful evening and a great week!


Photos Courtesy of Zara & Sephora

BBQ — Southern Style: OOTD

Hello loves! As I mentioned in my very first blog, I’ve Full Outfitrecently moved to North Carolina. There’s a lot that’s different and the same — if that makes any sense, ha-ha! I have to say, though, I absolutely love the area that I’m in so far. North Carolina is a beautiful state, especially Cary. Where I live there are a ridiculous amount of places to go and activities to do. The people down here are also really sweet and genuine. Their warmth has made moving down here more welcoming and dare I say – more like home.

Today my neighborhood had a BBQ. Mind you, there’s like 200 houses in our entire neighborhood, which to me is huge after coming from a cul-de-sac with only 14 houses. It was cool and crazy to meet so many people from our neighborhood who were from all parts of the country; however, it was comforting, too, to have other people relate to the change but desire to have a better way of life in a completely different place. It was a unique experience.

As for the BBQ, it was definitely southern style cooking. It’s a taste that’s definitely different but also really, really good! I had a barbeque pulled pork sandwich that was the tastiest, juiciest, and most flavorful pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever had!!! My stomach was very happy today.

Panaramic Shot

After the BBQ, my boyfriend and I went for a walk near a development that has beautiful walkways which eventually lead to a gorgeous lake. There, we took some pictures of my outfit for today’s occasion. Though I went to a BBQ with southern style cooking, I couldn’t help but bring a part of home with me: a little 90’s grunge and feel of New York.

I went for a loose-fitting long sleeve top from TJ Maxx with a black cami underneath because the day switched on and off between being hot and cool. My high-waisted shorts have become my signature look and staple of mine for years. Only being 5’3, I feel it makes my legs look longer and it compliments my waist.


I added my yin and yang choker from Spencers, which my boyfriend brought me yesterday, to give that 90’s grunge and laidback vibe. I also got it because when I took some philosophy classes in college I took a liking to the Sophists, particularly yin and yang. Of all the philosophies, the Sophists felt home to me as they reflected the way I think best. So, the purchase was sentimental, aside from my love for 90’s grunge. My earrings are from Target. I thought they added a discreet edge as well. My rings are part of my everyday jewelry, which I’ll be posting more about later.

I also will be posting my everyday makeup look which I did for today. I decided to keep my makeup basic, neat and light since it’s still technically summer. More days than not, I prefer a more natural and classic everyday look.

Daily Makeup #1

I sported a simple style with my hair as well. It usually looks best with second day hair. I love volume, so I’m Female Pomadouralways “bumping” my hair up in the front to create volume and dimension while playing with my hair to create loose and not so perfect waves. Someone once complimented me on my hairstyle and called it the female pompadour. Sounds kind of cool to me so I think it’ll let it stick. As for my shoes, I wore these classic black Vans, which I’ve been wearing none stop since I got them. They’re extremely comfortable, so they were great for walking and added a perfect touch to the casual look.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! It was fun making it and taking the pictures. Feel free to leave any comments down below. In the meantime, I’ll be watching season two of Heroes with my boyfriend – he’s been waiting patiently for me to post this blog – and I hope you all have a good night!