To Turtleneck Or To Not Turtleneck

The 90’s was probably the last time I can remember wearing a turtleneck, and that was when I was eight or nine-years-old. Every time my mother dressed me in one of those things I wanted to scream (sorry, mom!). I absolutely hated turtlenecks. They looked lame, clung too close to my neck, and to put it simply, nothing about them seemed stylish or attractive to me. Now if you’re wondering what’s changed – well then – that makes two of us, huh?

With age, I’ve formed a better appreciation and understanding of my likes and dislikes as well as the differences between fashion and style; essentially, discovering what works best for my body type and personality has been a huge beneficial factor, too. Since watching, Carly Cristman’s video “10 Winter Outfits with Turtlenecks” and Chriselle Lim’s “Wardrobe Staples | The Turtlenecks,” I’ve felt comfortable enough to purchase turtlenecks knowing how to style them in a way that makes me feel like I’m “in with the trends” while still being me. Learning how to explore trends that can also become staple pieces in my closet have become serious lifesavers and wins for my wardrobe and my wallet over the years.

On a side note: living in a warmer state has been an interesting experience during the winter time because I can put style before comfort and practicality for a change. Don’t get me wrong, those ideals are still important, but they don’t carry as much weight as they would back home. As much as I love big knitted scarves, I’m kind of over how heavy they can be and how they make my neck hurt after a while. So, it was nice realizing how turtlenecks could still be that article of clothing in my closet that’s trending yet also carries a style suitable for my taste all the while still keeping my neck nice and warm from the cold.

Turtlenecks (1)

These two goodies are from a Goodwill store near me for a total of $7! Of course, the price came with a great amount of digging, but it was oh-so-worth it. The neutral colors go with my color scheme, and the different styles and textures create another appeal and edge that my closet didn’t have before.

Turtlenecks (2)
Bet you can tell which one’s my favorite! 😉


What do you think of the latest turtleneck trend? Is it here to stay or should it have been left in the 90’s where it belongs? Feel free to comment down below, and let me know if you’ve purchased any turtlenecks yourself and where. I’m on the hunt for more! Hope you lovelies have a wonderful and safe night.



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