Tiny LUSH Haul

Forewarning: tiny LUSH haul, but not so tiny blog! If you prefer to skip to the fun stuff – like what I actually got today – I promise I won’t be offended because I totally understand, but I feel the need to share with you my thoughts and experiences of the products I use so that maybe it will better inform you for when you make your own decisions regarding different items from brands and companies.

So today, I decided to treat myself after I got out of work by getting some items from LUSH, such as my favorite shower gel and two samples of skincare items. Recently, I’ve wanted to try more skincare products from LUSH because my latest skincare routine, which can be found here, though I love it – it hasn’t been the best as a daily skincare regime. For instance, I love, love, love Ultrabland. It’s freakin’ amazing, like literally, the best makeup remover I have ever tried for my face and eye makeup, particularly; although, I must admit that it’s probably a cleanser I should only use at night when I’m looking to take my makeup off, or if I feel I need to get my skin back in shape because it does have a heavy and oily consistency due to the beeswax and honey.

Side Note: Have you ever heard of the “30 Day Ultrabland Diet?” Its totally kick ass! Whenever I feel like my face is out-of-sorts, having a mind of its own, or I just don’t have the money or time to get a fresh facial mask, the “30 Day Ultrabland Diet” does the trick. The essential oils, honey, and beeswax take off my makeup as well as any leftover residue from the day while the rosewater and iris extract soothe the skin and leave it feeling soft and nourished.

Consequently, I feel the same way about my moisturizer: Skin’s Shangri La. For those days when I feel my skin is ridiculously dry and in need of severe moisture, Skin Shangri La is my knight in shining armor, yet, that’s probably the only time I should use it because it is the heaviest consistency of all the moisturizers. On a day to day basis, I could probably feel another LUSH moisturizer that will make my skin feel radiant, plump, soft, hydrated, and just overall healthy without the heaviness. Not to mention, both Ultrabland and Skin’s Shangri La can be on the pricier side when it comes to LUSH’s skincare: Ultrabland retailing between $17.95-$25.95 and Skin Shangri La retailing at $49.95.

Now for the haul!

Happy Hippy Shower Gel: ($9.95)

Happy Hippy

I brought a small bottle of the Happy Hippy Shower Gel because it smells soooooo, sooooo good! I’m obsessed with its grapefruit scent, so if you don’t love the smell of grapefruit or citrus-y products this might not be for you. It has fresh pink grapefruit juice, grapefruit water, and grapefruit oil – so yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said it had a grapefruit scent. J But, in all honesty, it makes me feel uplifted, happy, and invigorated. It’s one of those shower gels that makes me feel positive and productive, even if I’m never able to know what it’s like to conquer the world Happy Hippy at least gives me the idea of the feeling I might have if I could.

9 to 5:

9 to 5

I got a sample of this softening cleansing cream, which is something I’ve never thought to try before. As a day to day cleanser, I thought this might be just what I’ve needed. The almond oil and dove orchid extract will moisturize and soothe, meanwhile, everlasting flower absolute will remove any leftover dirt, oil, grime, and/or makeup residue. This cleanser is also great in getting rid of any roughness and aids in the not so graceful process of aging.



I also got a sample of this simple gentle yet light and silky moisturizer. Celestial has vanilla water, which retains moisture, almond milk, which hydrates, and fair trade organic cocoa butter as well as fresh dove orchid extract, which keeps the skin feeling soft and glowing. Not to mention, this moisturizer smells ah-mazing and heavenly, especially before bed.

Are there any new skincare products your loving right now? Feel free to comment down below some of your favorite skincare products and why. In the meantime, have a wonderful night lovelies!


Photos Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics


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