Hey there, my name’s Katelyn and I welcome you to check out my blog: Her Love of Beauty. As for some of my recent adventures, I’ve graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a writing concentration, and in the midst of graduating, I’ve moved from New Jersey to North Carolina. Needless to say, I’ve encompassed many changes in the past few months but all of which have been necessary. I suppose it’s fair to say that we all reach that point in life where we’re ready for the quote on quote “next chapter” of our lives, and graduating and moving happened to be mine. At the age of 24, I finally feel that confidence that is dying to break through and explore ideals I’d only dream of a few years ago — one of them being, of course, my blog. It’s a thrilling and frightening liberation starting my blog, but it’s one that I’m more thrilled than frightened to continue exploring.

 As for the blog itself, Her Love of Beauty is dedicated to all things beauty-related, in addition to my attempt to dabble in the fashion world. This blog holds a strong love and great sentimentality in my life, all of which will be introduced in due time. I look forward to sharing this very dear and extremely special part of my heart with you, so without further ado, I introduce to you Her Love of Beauty.





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